User:    Pass: What the heck is this site? How does it work?

Welp, simply enough, it's a site that involves drawing on a tiny 20x20 tile. Submit it, and it's on the front page, all in its pixelated glory.

Is it really that fun?

7794 submitted pictures and growing says so! It's free, simple and just a great way to kill time and be artistic!

So give it a try! You don't even need to register an account. However, we suggest you may as well start off registered with an account, since you'll have the benefit of being able to keep all your submissions that you made organized in one place. Accounts also give you the ability to create your own user profile, rate submissions, and have your submissions be auto approved after three approvals. Future benefits are soon to come.


Q: Can I draw whatever I want?

A: We like to keep this site work safe, and by doing so we found the submitted material more interesting!

Q: How many drawings can I make? Does my account have a limit?

A: You can create as many submissions as you want! There is no limit as of now. As long as you follow our guidelines (like in the answer above), you should be okay!

Q: What's an easy way of looking at another users profile?

A: If a submission's author has an underline, it's a link to their public profile.

Q: A lot of the artist's names do NOT have an underline. What's up with that?

A: Before had user accounts, site visitors could put any author name they wanted on a picture upload, so these have no relationship to linked profiles.